Helping Organizations Thrive Through Adversity, Uncertainty, and Disruption

Equip yourself and your team with the strategies and tools you need to flourish - even in times of uncertainty

We are in the middle of unprecedented times. You and members of your organization are experiencing:

LACK of motivation



low morale

Life has been suddenly disrupted all over the world. Do not let the adversity and chaos of today hold your organization back!

I want to help you get ready for the new normal by shifting your mindset so that you can continue to:

Most Popular Virtual Presentation Topics

BREAK Your fishbowl

A fish can only grow to be as big as the bowl in which it lives. Break your fishbowl and the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

The power of one percent

Have you heard of compounding interest? Same concept here. If you can focus on getting 1% better on a daily basis, imagine how much better your life would be?

Become A Catalyst Leader

A catalyst leader is a true change-maker. They spark growth, action, and positive change in their teams. Everyone in your organization can be a catalyst leader, but very few are equipped to do so.

Bhrett helps take your stress and turn it into success. Reignite the passion, belief, and motivation in your organization!

Bhrett’s customized virtual programs are an online version of his most popular in-person events. They are a practical way to share an impactful message, provide inspiration and actionable takeaways, and change individual/organizational behavior.


Unlike in-person events, virtual experiences can be played ‘on demand’ for maximum convenience and can also be utilized as frequent touchpoints for teams and organizations.


Since the pandemic began, Bhrett has delivered dozens of virtual experiences to organizations Alabama Athletics, Florida State Golf, Baylor Football, Lemak Sports Medicine, Franklin Homes, PGA of South Africa, and more!

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How Can Bhrett Help You and Your Organization Thrive During This Time?