Tools To Help Your Game - Bhrett McCabe
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Golfer Teeing Off

Tools To Help Your Game

My team and I have a ton of great things going on this month that I know you are going to enjoy! 2019 is going to be the “Year of Content” for me, and we have a tremendous team in place to help get that content to YOU. Whether it is through our email blog posts, social media accounts, the Exploring the MindSide podcast, books, or online courses, there will be plenty of content coming your way – stay tuned. There has never been a better time to Win With Us than in 2019. 

Here is what we have going on this month:


The Training Model I Use With My PGA Tour Players

The ATTACK-R is a fantastic framework for any golfer looking to train their game better and more efficiently. It is the same training system I use with my PGA Tour guys, and I want to make it available to you. There is nothing else like this model from a preparation or training standpoint.!

Diamond Mockup Website.jpg

Calling All Coaches

The Diamond Factor is our new team program developed to help your team WIN more consistently! Why the diamond? Well, I will tell you why. The most impeccable, flawless diamonds are created through the most intense pressure, heat, and friction. Doesn’t that sound awfully familiar to great teams? They are tested and formed through pressure environments, “heat” or adverse times/situations, and “friction” or internal conflicts that are able to be resolved with consistent focus, clear communication, and a clear vision. Learn more about this proven system for your team!

landmines website.png

Avoid the Landmines of the Golf Course

How many times have you gone out to the course and thought you were going to have a great round – then, all of the sudden… BOOM! Something bad happens and you are left wondering “What just happened?” In this video series, I will take you through the 5 most common scenarios in which a golfer goes from playing well and feeling great, to playing terribly and having no answers as to why and how to avoid those!