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We All Have Two Voices In Our Head:  A Champ and A Chump

This is Champ

This is Chump

Every day, there is a specific decision you have to make.


That decision is how you choose to look at your day and the opportunities you have before you.


Will you choose to be full of confidence, positivity, and belief in your abilities?  Or, will you choose to look at your circumstances through a negative lens?

What you get out of each opportunity, ultimately depends on the culmination of decisions you make.


It reminds me of an old story I heard years ago, and it goes something like this. A grandfather explains to his grandson that there are two wolves within each of us…

One wolf is positive, confident, resilient, and exhibits a growth mindset – similar to Champ. The other wolf is negative, insecure, unsure of abilities, and exhibits a fixed mindset – similar to Chump. These two wolves fight for control over us. The grandson is curious and asks, “Which wolf will win?” The grandfather replies, “The one you feed.”

It is important to recognize both voices when they show up so you can continue to FEED YOUR CHAMP and send your Chump home!


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