What it Means to Exit Winning

Cullen Talley
Founder & CEO, Exit Momentum

What it Means to Exit Winning

What It Means To Exit Winning - Cullen Talley

Exit winning – a very interesting topic, and a way to view winning through a different lens. Everyone in athletics or business strives to win their space, but what happens when AFTER you win – or in this case, EXIT the winning process? How do you develop systems and processes to sustain your winning?


This week’s guest on The Secrets to Winning is Cullen Talley, Founder and CEO of Exit Momentum. Cullen helps people to grow successful businesses.  He is an expert at assessing the current state of a business and identifying a strategy for growth with owners, executives, and investors.


Throughout this podcast, you will gain insight from Cullen on his business strategies and how to “Exit Winning” – meaning, how are you going to keep winning AFTER the first sign of success. And the second time you succeed. And the third time. How you can you continue to sustain your winning process?


03:00 – Cullen’s evolution as a business owner

05:00 – Deciding to go out on your own and create a business

06:45 – Challenges of starting a business

08:15 – Going from client to a highly successful executive with Wake Up Warrior, Inc.

12:30 – Saying “NO” when it is best for the organization

16:00 – Extreme focus on and commitment to the goals and values of your business

18:15 – Creating an All-In mindset

20:30 – How to start getting “unstuck” in your life or business

22:30 – Removing emotion from the decision-making process

27:18 – Cullen’s source of inspiration

30:00 – Ways to stay connected to your people as your team grows

32:50 – Planning for the EXIT to your business

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