Utilizing Technology to Better Coach Your Players

Martin Du Toit

Founder and CEO – Golf Coach App & Golf Stats Coach

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By nature, Martin Du Toit is a golfer with a real passion for the game. He likes doing things well and figuring things out. Golf has been his life for many years now. From starting as a junior golfer to becoming an amateur golfer to playing golf collegiately and then on to professional golfand. Now, as a golf coach, immersing himself in ways to help coaches help their students play the game better than they ever have before.


That’s why he has founded the Golf Coach App – a world class, innovative mobile app to help golfers and golf coaches perform at their best. It can help golf coaches in a number of ways – by showing you how to supplement your income by coaching your students when they are not with you, by showing you how to get new students to coach online, by giving you awesome tools to deliver real value to your students whether you are with them or not, and by showing you best practices for coaching your students online.


Let’s break it down in three simple steps:




Film in person lessons in 240 frames, with video tools designed specifically for Golf Coaches

Receive videos plus shot information from students

Receive strokes gained golf stats as students play on the course

Receive weekly goals from students




Create reviews of in person golf lessons

Coach remotely with the greatest of ease

Give feedback on students’ golf stats

Communicate with students between lessons

Grow strong relationships with your students

Guide your students, give them a game plan




Coach in person or remotely

Supplement your income

Free up your time

Create more value for your students

Grow your business

Be sure to check out the Golf Coach App

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