The Best of The Secrets to Winning 2019

A recap of the top episodes of The Secrets to Winning podcast from 2019

2019 has been a great year for The Secrets to Winning. I have had the great opportunity to interview some tremendous guests and travel all over the country trying to find the secrets to winning from the most successful individuals in the world.



To wrap up such a great year, we have taken the most popular and most listened to episodes of the year and combined them into one show. It is, without a doubt, audio gold!

If You Want to Find the Full Episodes of Those We Selected for The Best of 2019, You Can Find Them Listed Below!

ESPN Senior Writer Wright Thompson interview

Wright Thompson – The Mask That Eats The Face


Whether it be Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods or Pat Riley or Urban Meyer, Wright Thompson strips away the self-serving myths and fantasies to reveal his characters in full. There are fascinating common denominators: it may not be that these individuals are more “human” and more like us than we thought. Simply put, Wright Thompson is the GOAT at his craft…

Ryan Holiday - Stillness is the Key

Ryan Holiday – Stillness is the Key


All great leaders, thinkers, artists, athletes, and visionaries share one indelible quality. It enables them to conquer their tempers. To avoid distraction and discover great insights. To achieve happiness and do the right thing. Ryan Holiday calls it stillness, and stillness is the key to…

University of Alabama Athletic Director Greg Byrne

Greg Byrne – Leading the Nation’s Premier Athletic Department


As a fundraiser, he has been directly involved in raising more than $200 million in gifts during his career. As a leader of competitive athletics programs, he has fostered major improvements across the spectrum of sports at both programs he has led prior to being at Alabama (Mississippi State University and University of Arizona).

Cliff Sims – 500 Days in the Trump White House


After standing at Donald Trump’s side on Election Night, Cliff Sims soon joined him in the West Wing. He quickly found himself pulled into the President’s inner circle as a confidante, an errand boy, an advisor, a punching bag, and a friend. Sometimes all in the same conversation.

Patrick Murphy – Building a Championship Culture


In today’s world of collegiate athletics, few can claim to have been at a program since the beginning. Not many can say they were there at the origin of a program, having been present from the very inception to where it stands today. And certainly nobody can claim to have brought a program further, and in shorter time, than Crimson Tide head softball coach Patrick Murphy, entering his 22th season as the program’s leader in 2020.


From a humble start to a national championship, Murphy has taken Alabama to the top of the college softball world. Beginning with his days as an assistant in the very first years of the Alabama softball program, Murphy has emerged as the face of a team that has grown under his leadership to become one of the most consistently successful programs in the nation…

Ole Miss Head Baseball Coach Mike Bianco

Mike Bianco – Building a Perennial Contender


Ole Miss named Mike Bianco head coach of the Rebel baseball program on June 7, 2000. Since then, Bianco has become the winningest coach in program history and one of the top coaches in Southeastern Conference history while establishing Ole Miss as one of the premier programs in college baseball. In today’s age of short coaching tenures, Bianco is the longest tenured coach in the SEC across all sports.

Garrett Powell – The Competition Behind The Bachelorette


Reality shows in this country are massive. It seems like they consume the primetime slots of network television across all stations. As a psychologist, I am a huge fan of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette series’. Whether you watch them or not (more than likely you do, whether you want to admit it or not), I think these are the best two shows on human behavior and competition that have ever been created…

Interview with Alabama's Athletic Trainer Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen – The Unsung Hero of Alabama Football


Known as one of the most respected athletic trainers in the entire country, Jeff Allen was honored with the 2018 Division I Head Athletic Trainer of the Year Award for his work during the 2018 season that saw several players return to the field from serious injuries in time for the playoff and national championship game.

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