Success On and Off The Course

Ryan Brown
Renowned Sports Talk Host, JOX Roundtable (WJOX 94.5)

Success On and Off The Course

How does a former collegiate golfer turned award-winning radio personality compare the two ventures. How are they different? What components are similar?


Our guest this week on The Secrets to Winning is nationally-renowned sports radio host Ryan Brown. You can hear Ryan every weekday morning on WJOX 94.5 in Birmingham, AL or throughout the Southeast on several FM and XM stations. He is also a former collegiate golfer at Jacksonville State University.


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Ryan has an amazing perspective on human performance, both as a collegiate athlete and now as someone who now interacts with high-profile coaches, athletes, and celebrities on his radio show.


How he is able to relate the factors of his golf playing experiences to those of entertaining the rabid college football fans of the Southeast region is truly fascinating, and I think you will get a ton out of this conversation!



01:40 – Ryan’s background as an amateur and collegiate golfer at Jacksonville State


02:35 – Difficulty of golf as a “professional amateur”


03:30 – What are you in control of?


05:00 – Knowing what the listening audience wants to hear


05:55 – Does Ryan look at social media comments?


07:30 – Responding to criticism


10:00 – Mindset of winning the sports radio market


11:10 – Finding your niche in radio


12:30 – How Ryan and co-hosts try to approach the show


14:10 – Become an expert in the “bad beats” and you’ll become an expert in the “great beats” every time

When you are in the entertainment business, there are two things you can't do. 1. You can't get complacent, but 2. You have to know what is successful and stick with it. The best are able to strike a balance between the two.

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