Social Media’s Effect on Mental Health

Scott Fawcett
Founder, DECADE Course Management System

Social Media’s Effect on Mental Health

As we come to the end of May and Mental Health Awareness month, I wanted to bring on an old friend who we have had on the podcast before. He brings information from a perspective that makes it easy to listen, easy to learn, and to know how to manage your life, even through the most difficult of circumstances.


This week’s guest on The Secrets to Winning is Scott Fawcett, and his golf course-management system DECADE has been sweeping through the competitive golf world over the last few years. In its simplest form, DECADE gives you optimal targets based on your distances, trouble surrounding the hole, and a few other factors.


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Scott is also very active on social media, specifically on Twitter, and can be a controversial figure in the golf community. He challenges the “status quo” and utilizes statistics to back a lot of his arguments. The facts are the facts. I have even referred to him as a “disruptor”.


You are living your personal truth, but at the same time, you see everyone else's fake life on social media.


But there is a side of Scott that many people aren’t aware of. He has dealt with several personal tragedies throughout the years, all pertaining to mental health. All equal parts tragic. A big part of our conversation centered around the idea of being “triggered” by some of the social media arguments and how to manage those situations when they arise so that someone else does not experience what he has.


Scott and I used this podcast to touch base about the value and the importance of having conversations about mental health issues. Each of our own individual struggles within the mental health realm have helped guide who we are today and the areas in our lives that are stressors.


02:30 – The Idea Of Being “Triggered”

04:30 – Social Media: Perception vs. Reality

05:20 – Scott’s Nephew & His Battle With Mental Health Issues

07:15 – The “Social Media Mask”

11:00 – Social Media’s Role In The 3 Major Drives of Life

13:00 – Scott’s Opinions, Based On Research, Of His Role In The Golf Statistics World

16:00 – Foundation Of DECADE, A Golf Course Management System Developed By Scott

18:00 – Examples Of How The DECADE System Is Used With PGA Tour Courses & Players

24:30 – Analyzing Sports Venue Design: Poor Golf Course Setup vs. Poor Baseball Stadium Dimensions

31:10 – How Social Media Affects Mental Health

34:30 – How Social Media Has Evolved From Promoting Community To Creating A Tribal Effect

36:40 – As Your Social Media Presence Grows, The Internet Trolls Grow With You

40:30 – Not Giving The Vocal Minority Power Over Your Mind On Social Media

45:00 – Living Your “Dash”

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