My Inspirational Comeback Story

Gina Snyder
Former Collegiate Softball Player, University of Arizona

From Life-Threatening Injury To Getting Back On The Field

This week’s guest on The Secrets to Winning has overcome a life-threatening injury to get back on the field. Gina Snyder was a starting pitcher for Purdue University’s softball team until she encountered a life-threatening brain injury, which forced her to put the game she loved on hold and return home to Tucson, AZ to retrain her brain how to think, how to walk, and eventually, how to dominate on the field again.


Once you experience a life-threatening situation, you look at life differently and look at every day differently. It is about saying ‘Ok, here’s another day to get better’ but it’s also about saying ‘Here’s another day where I get to do what I love’. I want to go hard after it and not have any regrets.


Once fully healed, Gina gave softball another shot and walked-on at the University of Arizona, a perennial softball power. She made the team and earned wins over UCLA, Florida State, and Team Japan (the #2 ranked team in the world).


Throughout this episode, Gina talks about her debilitating illness, her mindset to overcome her circumstances, and ultimately, get back on the field. Truly inspiring!

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2:15 – Gina’s background and story of overcoming adversity


4:25 – Gina’s time at Purdue and when she came down with the debilitating illness


6:00 – Having to fight for her life and finding strength to get through


7:50 – The recovery process and the spark that lit Gina’s fire again


9:30 – How to avoid comparing yourself to what you “used to be” before injury/illness


11:30 – The most difficult part of her return to softball


13:35 – Perfect timing


 14:45 – What were emotions like in Gina’s return to the circle


16:40 – Where does Gina find her strength now?


21:00 – Gina’s advice for those who are currently going through struggles

The hardest part (of recovery) was trusting the process. You can’t compare yourself to what you used to be. You have to compare yourself to who you were the day before and focus on getting 1% better every day.
A driving force for me was knowing that I had unfinished business.

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