How to Set Records with Consistency

Ross Pierschbacher
Alabama Football

Consistency + Versatility = Success

For football fans, this week is pretty big as the 2019 NFL Draft takes place over a three-day span in Nashville, Tennessee, beginning April 25. There’s a simple reason the draft captures a special place in the NFL psyche: It captures every deranged football fantasy. In one pick, fans of the worst teams can see the player who will lead them back to relevance – or the one who will be the face of the team’s continued spot in the cellar.


Ross Pierschbacher

This week’s guest on The Secrets to Winning will be experiencing the NFL Draft process first-hand. He is none other than former Alabama Offensive Lineman and current NFL Draft Prospect, Ross Pierschbacher. Ross was a four-year starter for the Crimson Tide across three different positions (Right Guard, Left Guard, and Center). He has also been lauded as “one of the most consistent and technically-sound linemen to ever play at The University of Alabama.”


I know what it’s like to win. I have seen what it takes to win.


To say that Ross is a “winner” is an understatement. As a four-year starter, 2-time All American, and the first player in college football history to play in four straight national championship games, Pierschbacher has modeled a level of consistency experienced by very few.


So, how did he do it? What was it like playing for Nick Saban as an offensive lineman? What mindset do you need to play for a coach as demanding as Saban? How has Alabama been so dominant over the last decade, and what are their secrets?


You will find all of that, and a lot more, in this week’s episode with Ross Peirschbacher in The Secrets to Winning!


02:40 – Why He Chose Alabama During the Recruiting Process

04:15 – Competition Within the Offensive Line at Alabama

06:20 – Nick Saban’s Daily Pursuit of Excellence

08:40 – How Upperclassmen Got New Recruits to Buy-In

10:25 – Preparation from Monday – Friday To Be Ready for Saturday

11:30 – Process of Preparing for the NFL

14:15 – NFL Combine & Training for NFL Draft

17:00 – Did NFL Scouts and Executives Try to “Un-Saban” Him?

20:00 – What Happened Against Clemson?

22:00 – Diet of an Offensive Lineman

28:30 – The Secrets to Alabama’s Winning

30:30 – Winning Advice That You Can Implement in Your Life Right Now

35:00 – Best Visiting Stadium to Play In

37:00 – A Heartfelt Thank You to Bama Nation

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