How to Overcome Mental Health Struggles

Dr. Bhrett McCabe

How to Overcome Mental Health Struggles

I came across a blog post written by professional golfer Andrew Johnston (Player Blog: Andrew Johnston). More commonly referred to as “Beef”, Johnston wrote about his battle with mental health issues over the weekend. It was a first-hand, raw account of someone who burst onto the professional athlete scene all while going through personal struggles in the background. The turmoil going on in his personal life was taking a huge mental toll on his game, and the struggle to compete at a high level was there.


There have been many instances, recently, of professional athletes publishing articles about their struggles with mental health. Last year, NBA star Kevin Love wrote in The Player’s Tribune (Everyone is Going Through Something) about having a panic attack stemming from a battle with mental health issues.


For 29 years, I thought about mental health as someone else's problem - Kevin Love, NBA Player


Like “Beef”, Kevin Love, and many other individuals struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone in your struggle. Some of us experience it in private. Some of us are exposed to millions and millions of people. Regardless, the one person that it affects negatively is YOU, the person living it.  This episode is all about helping you take off the mask you may be wearing in public to hide the private battle you may be fighting.


What I want people to know is this – LIFE IS HARD! That’s not earth-shattering news. We all know it, but that does not make it any easier. We live in a very stressful environment; sometimes, through no choice of our own. It’s ok to have fears, pains, and doubts. It’s ok to feel pain and to be honest about feeling that pain. Mental health struggles can and do affect everyone, including myself.


The goal of this podcast was awareness; the awareness that you are not alone in the struggle. Some of the highest profile people in the world are dealing with the same issues you are. There are tremendous resources who can help you uncover your true, powerful self!


Finally, if this episode has helped just one person, then it was 1,000% worth it. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you on your journey!



0:35 – What spurred the conversation about mental health?


2:00 – The journey to elite performance is REALLY hard


3:05 – The emotional struggles you carry on your ascent to the top of the mountain


3:40 – Do you pack for an airport delay? Explained…


6:00 – How to become an expert at your craft


7:00 – Startling statistics about Americans dealing with mental health issues


10:20 – The struggle in getting to the top of the mountain


11:00 – The Danny Zahl Story (click here to learn more about Danny, his battle with mental health and suicide, and how he changed his life)


13:00 – Take off your “mask” and live your true, authentic self


15:00The Player’s Tribune giving a voice to pro athletes to talk about mental health


16:00 – Surround yourself with those that truly love YOU


18:50 – Sometimes, stress finds you


19:30 – The weightlifting analogy – all you need is a spot!


21:00 – You are NOT alone in this journey!

Surround yourself with people and energy sources that make you come alive!

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