How to Create Winning Online Content

Cordie Walker

Founder, Golf Science Lab – Entrepreneur

This week’s guest is Cordie Walker, entrepreneur and Founder of Golf Science Lab. I have known Cordie for quite some time, and I have always thought he was brilliant in how he creates and packages his video content. Whether it was a podcast series with a group of top coaches, course management and strategy, swing techniques and fundamentals, or how to practice, Cordie has brought a ton of value to golfers of all ages and skill levels through his realization that it was time for a paradigm shift in the way golf was taught and learned.


Throughout the past several years, he has done just that spending countless hours working with those in the golf industry, particularly instructors, with content creation, business best practices, and growing their brand to reach a larger audience. What he has really done is brought to the forefront a fresh, new perspective on teaching the game of golf based on sound scientific principles. Here is an excerpt from his platform, Golf Science Lab:


There is far to much 'mythology' involved in golf. Most of it has no validity based on research or what’s ACTUALLY going on. The Golf Science Lab documents the truth about golf and bring you the research directly from the scientists and researchers.


In that time, he has had a ton of success with content creation and marketing, helping those that otherwise would not be able to grow and scale a profitable business. He was able to teach those in the game how you attract an audience, get them to enjoy the content enough to join an email list or become a lead, and then create enough of a relationship to have them purchase a product or service. It’s a process that when done right can create massive good will with your audience and be highly profitable.



1:20 – What can people do to better reach their client base regarding video content?


3:20 – Utilize great resources to enhance your content (see books Perennial Seller and Atomic Habits mentioned below)


5:30 – How can coaches who have great knowledge but lack technological skills (and vice versa) help each other out?


8:00 – How to grow your skillset as it pertains to content creation


10:00 – Who is one person Cordie would love to work with on creating content?


11:40 – I want to create content on a specific content. Where do I start?


13:30 – Going back to Marketing 101


15:00 – Utilizing the Story Brand framework for content creation


19:00 – The WHOOP band

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