How Language Shapes Team Culture

Kevin DeShazo
Founder, Fieldhouse Media

Enhancing Team Culture through Social Media

Culture is a competitive advantage. If leaders define culture, we need leaders to be at their best. Are you ready to make championship culture the new standard for your team?


Additionally, as a coach, how do you manage social media, both personally and amongst your players, in order to enhance your culture? Most in the coaching game know it’s importance, but they have not grasped the concept of WHY it is important or how to use it to their advantage.


This week’s guest on The Secrets to Winning is Kevin DeShazo. Kevin is the best-selling author of Leadership Interrupted: daily inspiration to become the leader you were meant to be, and iAthlete: Impacting Student-Athletes of a Digital Generation, and founder of Fieldhouse Media. He is a sought-after speaker, having presented on over 80 college campuses as well as a regular presenter at conferences and conventions, including NACDA, CoSIDA, the NCAA Convention, and the Collegiate Athletics Leadership Symposium.


He has also been quoted on ESPN.com, The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, Bleacher Report, Sports Business Journal, and a variety of other national and local media outlets. Kevin is also the founder of Culture Wins Championships, helping leaders in the sports industry build a championship culture with their team.


If you are in need of developing a culture within your program or you are in the process of overhauling your culture, there is a ton of information in this podcast to get you going down the right path!


02:50 – Coaches and how they handle social media use amongst players

06:30 – Examples of collegiate coaches who effectively use social media to impact culture

11:00 – Adding value to your messaging through social media

15:00 – How social media influenced last two Presidential elections

19:00 – All-Access – The benefit of behind the scenes content for coaches

21:30 – Kevin’s conversation with James Harden

24:00 – Breaking into leadership & culture development

25:15 – Everyone talks about culture but very few want to build a good one

29:00 – Holding team members accountable in successful cultures

35:30 – The Support-Challenge Matrix as it pertains to leadership

38:00 – What types of cultures are sustainable?

41:00 – Millennials are very good at “sniffing out” inauthentic leaders

43:00 – One of the best measures of a coach is the offseason

A lot of coaches talk about culture. Some know how to build culture. Very few actually DO it.

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