How I Got 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube

Eric Cogorno

Golf Instructor/Coach, Eric Cogorno Golf on YouTube

The world of social media has opened up the doors to tons of new ideas and mindsets in the sports world, but understanding how to utilize social media to build your brand and to deliver information is critical.


This week’s guest is a YouTube sensation and online golf instructor Eric Cogorno. Coaching is never easy, and when you get into new methods and use digital media or facets like that, it’s really important as a teacher to be able to touch and impact individuals in different kinds of ways. There’s an art and skill there. It’s not just about putting content out, it’s about knowing what resonates. People put content out all the time and if it doesn’t resonate, people move on. Eric gets that and embodies that mindset.


The four things you can do right now to enhance your YouTube presence:


  1. Borderline 'clickbaity' title
  2. A great visual for the thumbnail
  3. Excellent audio within the video (audio is more important in my opinion)
  4. Content in the first couple seconds that piques viewers interest, ideally a preview of the best part of the video.


Eric’s content resonates and he’s built an amazing brand through his platform on YouTube (Eric Cogorno Golf) and through cogornogolf.com. He’s an up and comer because of using these new modalities to educate people in so many different ways. You’re going to enjoy this podcast as we sat down at the PGA Show Open Forum and talked about some of the new factors about branding and building. We need to embrace the new ways and the new modalities of teaching and abandon or move away from some of the old archaic ways that we’ve been stuck in for some time. I applaud what Eric’s done, and more importantly, I think you’re going to love his insight of how we look at growing the game.



1:20 – How Eric went from YouTube video #1 in 2017 to now


2:35 – The reason Eric went from 1,000 subscribers to 30,000 very quickly


4:00 – Researching which videos were successful and which ones were not


6:00 – How long do videos need to be and why?


7:40 – “The more popular my videos get, the more people say I am an idiot.”


10:00 – The brilliance of guys like Grant Cardone


11:50 – How Eric monetizes his videos


14:00 – How many videos do you put out per week?


14:45 – Can you tell which videos are going to “hit” before you put them on YouTube?


16:40 – The part of the video Eric spends the most time on


20:00 – How to repurpose long-form content (over an hour long) by chopping it up into bite sized segements with a different title and description

We went from 1,000 subscribers to 30,000 relatively quickly by changing the titles and thumbnails on each video but also started putting out content that PEOPLE wanted. Not what I thought was the best.

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