Growing Your Fan Base Through Social Media

Dr. Brad & Dr. Dianna Carlton

Social Media & Business Consulting

This week on The Secrets to Winning we actually have two guests, the husband and wife duo of Dr. Brad and Dr. Dianna Carlton. The Carlton’s serve as the Founders of Fore Social, a full-service marketing agency specializing in enhancing the brands of PGA Tour players.


They work together to grow a PGA Tour player’s social media presence, build their credibility, cultivate a community of fans and supporters that love the player and their brand, boost their reach, and connect with influencers who can help extend their reach.


People think that just by having a Twitter account, LinkedIn account, and Instagram account that you're doing something right. If you don't utilize it right, it's just a billboard. You really have to be working it the right way - playing to the systems and playing to the algorithms in order to have any presence.


Brad and Dianna have also founded Carlton Family Corporation (CFC), a business coaching and consulting firm, specializing in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners uncover additional streams of income and maximize their current streams of income. They work with business owners to find any blocks and resistance that are preventing them from feeling fulfilled, successful and prosperous in their work.


The conversation in this episode is fascinating as we take a deep dive into the world of social media marketing and management and how to utilize social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to grow your online presence.


One hater on social media is worth 10 followers.



0:40 – Brad and Dianna’s start as attorneys and why that was not the career for them


12:40 – Getting their start as entrepreneurs


 14:40 – What do they see their clients struggle with the most before working with them?


19:00 – What are the mistakes that people make when it comes to online presence in relation to sales


21:50 – The importance of selling yourself and your program/organization as it pertains to coaches and leaders


26:30 – Psychology 101 as it pertains to social media and likes


31:45 – Why coaches need social media


34:00 – What resources can you utilize to learn more about all social media platforms?


36:15 – For an athlete looking to keep elevating their game, do they focus on building their game or building their brand?


43:50 – What Brad and Dianna want their legacy to be?


47:00 –  Can you post too much on social media?


51:10 – Bhrett’s social media strategy

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