From Concept to Tens of Millions

Cam Doody
Founder & President, Bellhops

Cam Doody of Bellhops talks Secrets to Winning

From Concept to Tens of Millions

Our guest this week on The Secrets to Winning is someone who has taken on an industry that many would consider stale, not very innovative – some would probably refer to the industry as being “stuck-in-its-ways” – and absolutely flipped it on its head.


This week, I had the privilege of sitting down with Cam Doody, Founder and President of Bellhops which is now the fastest growing moving company in the US. Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Bellhops has accomplished this feat without owning or operating a single truck of their own, and serving over 50 cities for local and long-distance moves.


What we’re doing today is so dangerous to the traditional moving business because it’s brought something completely different to the table.


This episode is going to give you some great insight about innovation, decision-making under pressure, and how Cam and his team have challenged every aspect of how to serve the $18B moving space.


Also, if you have a big move coming up, local or long-distance – you should check out GetBellhops.com.



2:30 – The concept, founding, and early stages of Bellhops


6:45 – “There was a big problem, so we solved it”


10:00 – Saying “NO” to temptations that don’t align with your vision


13:00 – “Focus on the customer”: Changing the way customers view the moving industry


15:00 – How are you the fastest-growing moving company without owning a single moving truck?!


18:30 – Handling the growth of your company and number of employees


21:20 – The best idea in the company wins. Period.


23:00 – How does Cam continue to develop himself and his leadership


25:45 – What to do when your Chief Technology Officer resigns before you launch your big tech platform?


33:00 – Recommendations for those who are struggling with doubts or insecurities


36:20 – What is Cam’s advice for emerging entrepreneurs?


40:00 – How Bellhops is set up to take over the moving industry very soon


42:30 – What is the next business revolution Cam sees taking place?


46:15 – Cam’s secrets to winning and growing business

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