Communicating a Winning Message

Will Baggett
Internal Operations, College Football Playoff

Inside the College Football Playoff

You may see the College Football Playoff and think to yourself, “Eh, how hard could it be to run that? All you have to do is pick four teams.” Or you are in the camp that says, “we should go to six teams, or maybe even eight teams.” Those are all relevant points based on what we have seen in the past few years.


But – I want you to think about something – why and how does their product continue to grow and be wildly successful year after year? There is a reason for that. The systems and processes in place to execute on the largest scale are flawless. I mean, they have to be, right? You only get one shot at this thing every year!


This week’s guest on The Secrets to Winning is one of the men that makes the College Football Playoff machine run. His name is Will Baggett, and he is the Director of Operations with the Playoff as well as being the founder of a strategic branding firm, Executive Image. When he is not grinding behind the scenes, getting ready for the next CFP National Championship experience with the team of talented individuals, Will is consulting with and speaking to collegiate athletic departments, their student-athletes, and their coaches on professional presence, strategic communication, and leadership development. He has consulted with several Power 5 schools across the country including The University of Alabama, University of Texas, University of Miami and University of South Carolina.


Will’s ability to see things like branding, imagery, strategic leadership, and communication through a different lens is critically important, especially on the largest scale in collegiate athletes. Those factors are what has led him, and the CFP, to the level of success they have experienced.


No matter if you are an athlete, a coach, or a corporate competitor, there are countless nuggets of audio gold in this episode as it pertains to your brand as an individual or as a team/organization and communicating that brand, strategically, to the world!


03:00 – Managing the outside noise associated with the College Football Playoff

05:00 – More is not always better & keeping the brand strong

07:15 – Does having repeat teams (Alabama, Clemson) hurt the brand or enhance it?

09:00 – The large shift in strategic communication to digital content creation

11:00 – Effectively communicating culture and standards throughout the organization

13:15 – Key elements of communicating your brand

15:35 – The future of brand content creation in college athletics

17:30 – Increasing the fan experience both surrounding and during the National Championship game

19:00 – How “social spaces” are reinvigorating the fan experience

20:40 – When competing for a potential customer’s time, what is your value proposition?

23:50 – What do the initials CFP mean to Playoff staff members?

25:00 – Communicating a winning message across all platforms

26:30 – After the Madness: The review process of the National Championship Game and all events associated with it

When communicating your brand, you have to be able to separate the signal from the noise

Connect with Will

Website: about.me/willbaggett

Twitter: @W_BaggsCFP

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/willbaggett

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