Building a Successful Baseball Business

Xan Barksdale
Entrepreneur, Founder of Catching 101

Former Division I College Baseball Coach

My guest on this week’s episode of The Secrets to Winning is Xan Barksdale, founder of Catching-101.com, the web’s top resource for those who suit up behind the dish. Xan has built a massive following in the baseball world through his various social media accounts and is the #1 YouTube resource utilized by catchers throughout all ages – youth all the way to the pro game.


I'm never going to meet 99.5 percent of people who visit my website or see me on Twitter or who sends me a Facebook message. I try to create my online presence knowing that might be the only way a person gets to know me.


Throughout his career as a collegiate and professional player (Ole Miss, Atlanta Braves) and collegiate coach (Louisville), Barksdale has been a highly sought after speaker and clinician, speaking at some of the nation’s most well-attended baseball gatherings such as the ABCA National Convention, Pitch-A-Palooza and various youth baseball podcasts across the globe.


In 2015, he founded a clinic of his own, CatcherCON, focusing solely on the development of the catching position, which quickly gained national notoriety in the baseball world. This conference brings together everyone from amateur to professional baseball players and coaches interested in improving their craft by lining up some of the nation’s most respected voices on catching.


You can catch connect with Xan on a variety of social media platforms including Twitter: @XanBarksdale, Instagram: XanBarksdale and Facebook: Xan Barksdale Catching.


No matter if you are an athlete or coach, you are going to get a ton out of this podcast with Xan. As a former pitcher, it was awesome to have a conversation with a catching guy as there is this seemingly automatic bond between a pitcher and his battery mate.



1:20 – How analytics have changed the game


3:20 – A new way of training catchers


5:00 – Leadership and intangibles Xan looks for in good players


 9:00 – Developing relationships with athletes and their parents based on trust


12:15 – Building a social media presence and professional-looking brand


14:30 – Why Xan chose to start his own business


17:00 – The inspiration behind Xan’s entrepreneurial mindset


19:45 – Youth athletes need to be open-minded about their collegiate playing opportunities


22:45 – Who are the elite catchers in Major League Baseball?


25:50 – What does Xan do for personal development?

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