The Best of the Secrets to Winning: Coaches Edition

Four Elite Coaches

This week, I wanted to bring back some of the best as we take a deeper dive into the perspective of winning coaches. The great thing about this compilation of coaches is that they compete in four different sports, but all of them are successful at the highest level and have been able to coach some of the best athletes in the world.


The lineup looks like this:



Head Swimming Coach, Arizona State University Swimming (and U.S. Olympic Coach of Michael Phelps)



Strength & Conditioning Coach across 23 sports including Super Bowl winners, World Series champions, and Olympians



Former National Champion Head Football Coach, Auburn University



Head Gymnastics Coach, The University of Alabama


They will be the first to tell you this – coaching isn’t easy. It challenges the competitive character and fiber of every single person in the entire organization. One of the biggest frustrations I hear from coaches is “What is it that I need to do to help my athletes win?” Win in life, win in athletics, and find the true competitor within themselves.


I hope you enjoy this episode and take a nugget or two from these elite coaches that will help you develop your team and start seeing the results you deserve!


Bob Bowman

02:35 – The consistency of Michael Phelps

03:35 –  Becoming one of the best swimming coaches in the world

04:30 – Crafting a coaching philosophy


Brett Bartholomew

09:00 – Creating buy-in amongst elite-level athletes

13:40 – Importance of mentorship


Gene Chizik

18:20 – Striking a balance between time with family and being an SEC football coach

19:20 – Advice he gave to Oklahoma’s Lincoln Riley and Texas’ Tom Herman

20:45 – Talking about leadership vs. Modeling leadership


Dana Duckworth

23:45 – Taking over for a legend and learning on the job

25:10 – How evolution of a coach is similar to that of an athlete

26:50 – Nick Saban’s advice to Dana

29:00 – Changing roles: Going from assistant coach to head coach

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