Becoming the Leader Your Team Needs

Jamy Bechler

Leadership Trainer and Coach

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Jamy Bechler is an expert in developing team leadership and creating championship cultures. After two decades of coaching college basketball, Jamy now leads leaders and is a coach to coaches as a team consultant and trainer. His training and experience as a certified John Maxwell leadership coach and speaker have allowed him to work with professional and college teams, as well as multi-million dollar businesses.


In addition to five eBooks, Bechler is a published author of The Leadership Playbook: Become Your Team’s Most Valuable Leader and, most recently, The Bus Trip. He has been published in the Huffington Post and is a regular guest on various radio stations and podcasts. Jamy is the host of the “Success is a Choice” podcast.


Coaching is taking a player from where they are to where they ultimately need to be.


Bechler now travels across the country speaking to groups and teams on how to reach their full potential and become people of influence. He speaks at some of the top conferences for educators, coaches and administrators.  His work with teams have ranged from the NBA to the Big Ten to small colleges.


You can learn more about him at www.JamyBechler.com or follow him on twitter @CoachBechler.

Be sure to check out Jamy’s new book The Bus Trip!



4:00 – Conflict in coaching and leadership world


7:20 – Adapting with the times


11:20 – Why the “my way or the highway” philosophy doesn’t work anymore


13:00 – Why dealing with players is more important than the X’s and O’s


16:40 – Jamy’s definition of coaching


20:00 – Example of a dynamic leader today and what that looks like


24:00 – How coaches can find common ground in regards to cultural differences


26:00 – Dissecting a conversation between leader and team member


28:00 – Impact Jamy made while speaking to Toronto Raptors


31:00 – What can leaders do to recharge and avoid exhaustion?


34:00 – Coaching the person on the end of the bench


38:00 – Catch your players doing something well and mention it


40:20 – Jamy’s book, The Bus Trip

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