Excellence Begins With You - Dr. Bhrett McCabe | Listen Now!
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Excellence Begins With You

Excellence Begins With You

Often times, people ask me, “Doc, what is excellence to you?” It is a great question and one that I answer very seriously. Excellence is about commitment to a purpose, striving for that purpose, and the actions to make it happen. It is not a one-time event or a “catching-lightning-in-a-bottle” situation. It is earned and is worked on every single day, in every instance, in order to be successful.


Regardless of your endeavors – whether you are an athlete or a boardroom competitor – excellence begins with you. I watch so many athletes commit to being great in easy things and hope the rest follows. It does not work that way. Success is about total commitment to each facet of life in order to become great.


Every organization, team, and athlete that has reached the pinnacle of success has a system in place to serve as their formula for success. They do not take workouts off, miss or show up late to meetings, or mail it in. Those that are truly great strive to be great in every aspect of what they do, whether a coach sees it, a customer sees it, or a manager sees it. Their excellence is their culture and they know that if they invest in it, it is reflected in their brand.

Show Notes

1:45 – What You Can Do To Reach Your True Greatness

2:05 – Suckville: The Space Between Our Potential & Reality

4:20 – What a Lack of Excellence Looks Like in Action

5:45 – The Excellence of Chick-Fil-A

6:05 – Define Your Excellence By Asking Yourself Two Questions

8:05 – Responsive vs. Reactive Organizations

11:05 – Can a Reactive Individual Become Responsive?

13:30 – Greatest Sacrifice You Must Make to Achieve Greatness

Excellence is not a result that you catch in a bottle or stumble upon. It is earned and has to be worked on every single day, in every instance to be successful.